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Fraud Awareness Training; a Focus on Proactive Strategies 

Fraud prevention is better than detection and investigation. 

MGLSD and DPs need assurance that the risk culture in ESP II is robust and that risks are being managed effectively. Given the nature of the programme and the large investment in cash transfers, major risks include financial and operational risks.  

ESP understands that fraud prevention is better than detection and investigation and that enterprise wide fraud awareness training is the leading fraud prevention tool. To this end, ESP II has organized one day fraud awareness training as part of the overall good governance strategy which encompass: a current state assessment of existing anti-fraud arrangements and investigation; techniques, together with opportunities for improvement; high-level process maps showing fraud risk points; strategy improvement roadmap; fraud risk assessment; fraud control plan. 

In Uganda, majority of the people steal in order to survive. In other countries, many steal out of greed and others to prove that systems (internal controls) do not work. In this training, we shall explore why it is better to prevent fraud than investigate it, and the effective fraud prevention strategies: Specifically, Empowering staff with on-going personal financial resilience, retirement planning and personal strategies to live a happy life.


A report is the most important component of your investigation. It’s the bit that communicates your findings. The bit that explains what went wrong and the bit in which you express your recommendations which can change the future for the better. Nobody likes writing reports. Nobody really likes writing anything; this applies to professional writers as much than to the rest of us who have to write to communicate, on top of our other responsibilities.

Fortunately, there are some ways of making it a relatively painless process and a good thing too, because writing a report is absolutely crucial to any investigation and after all it is the whole point of investigating in the first place.  


Whether you need to review your current strategy, or formulate a new one, this course is ideal for you. Our strategy formulation and execution support services are based on the Five must answer questions for a winning strategy, based on playing to win, blue ocean strategy, and balanced score card insights.

·        What is your winning aspiration?

·        Where will you play?

·        How will you win?

·        What capabilities do you need?

·        And what management systems do you need?

And then we take you through a step-by-step process of developing a clear strategy action plan. And how to align your strategy to the balanced score card, and then the structure. You'll have a strategy that is easy to execute.

Would you like to become a leader whom others would like to follow? Do you create commitment, NOT just compliance and rally the team behind you?

Join Mustapha's #WinningMindset executive mentor-ship and gain clarity of your role. No more worries about what to say at the next event. How to lead teams. How to create staff account-abilities. How to communicate with clarity. How to make a keynote speech. And generally how to lead effectively. 

The Institute of Forensics and Information Security in partnership with Summit Consulting Ltd will hold the 1st Annual Cyber Security and Risk Management Conference at Serena Hotel, Kampala from 19th to -20th October 2017, the conference entitles “From Reactive to proactive, cyber risk management”. The objective is to discuss and share thoughts on the status of cyber security and its challenges and provide a platform to generate ideas to mitigate cyber crime with a regional and international approach.

The two day event presents a unique opportunity to showcase your organization’s readiness to counter cyber crime, your products, services and brand. Yow will also be offered an opportunity to network and interact with renown local, regional and international business leaders, solution providers, clients and prospects.

Most organizations around the world fail to recognize the most sophisticated, adaptive solution to security threats, already available to them; their people. With proper basic training and the creation of a corporate culture around fundamental security principles, end-users can become the most sophisticated threat detection, threat mitigation and prevention resource any organization can have. 

Since there is no patch for human stupidity, this course will empower your staff to gain essential security skills to prevent attacks to your network. Your staff are the first line of defense. Empower them with critical skills.

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Governance i.e. Risk and Strategy training sponsored by aBi Trust for her implementing partners. If you attended, register and gain access to premium resources. Feel free to interact with the facilitators.

Sustaining an NGO requires mindset change, where leaders think businesswise. You are not sustainable if you have a big percentage of restricted funds in your budgets to serve your beneficiaries. NGO sustainability is the ability to continue its core activities even without local or international donor funding. 

In this forum, we explore strategies to operate a successful NGO. How to navigate the waters? How do you set a sustainable social enterprise that embraces shared values for sustainable advantage? Sponsored by Stanbic, this is a must attend.

Fraud can happen anywhere and we cannot keep a deaf ear if we are to prevent fraud.  It is therefore of paramount importance to train staff, and then follow up to make sure that training is consistently put into practice.

In order to manage and prevent fraud, staff must first know what to look for, and then what to do about it. As a company, you cannot just focus on strengthening internal controls. That is looking at a small picture. People commit fraud due to (a) motive/ pressure/incentive; (b) rationalization; (c) capability and (d) opportunity. The first three, a, b and c are within the fraudsters control. The company can only address (d) by strengthening controls. What if there is collusion? Will your controls work?

That is why the financial resilience and integrity training requires huge focus. This is an in-house training conducted to internal company staff. If you are an MTN staff, click here to access this course for free. Use your MTN email you registered on attendence.


Way of the Guerrilla marketing is a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. You want to achieve the conventional goals of high sales, on a shoe string budget. You need to become a guerrilla. 


The Way of The Guerrilla Marketing Course will help you and your sales people pick up all the sales and profits most insurance sales agents or brokers and salespeople leave on the table.

a)      Are you happy with your current sales?

b)      Do you sometimes think your conversion rates are lower than your leads?

c)       Are your staff giving you more excuses for low lead conversion rates?

d)      Are you optimizing the power of the Internet to make more sales?

e)      Are your sales people incessantly calling/ emailing prospects and inconveniencing them instead of being called back to close the sale?


This practical course will expose you to 100 way of the guerrilla marketing weapons and how to execute them for maximum sales. This is a course for everyone. Learn how to market your products and services. And yourself! Succeed.