Governance i.e. Risk and Strategy training sponsored by aBi Trust for her implementing partners. If you attended, register and gain access to premium resources. Feel free to interact with the facilitators.

Sustaining an NGO requires mindset change, where leaders think businesswise. You are not sustainable if you have a big percentage of restricted funds in your budgets to serve your beneficiaries. NGO sustainability is the ability to continue its core activities even without local or international donor funding. 

In this forum, we explore strategies to operate a successful NGO. How to navigate the waters? How do you set a sustainable social enterprise that embraces shared values for sustainable advantage? Sponsored by Stanbic, this is a must attend.

Fraud can happen anywhere and we cannot keep a deaf ear if we are to prevent fraud.  It is therefore of paramount importance to train staff, and then follow up to make sure that training is consistently put into practice.

In order to manage and prevent fraud, staff must first know what to look for, and then what to do about it. As a company, you cannot just focus on strengthening internal controls. That is looking at a small picture. People commit fraud due to (a) motive/ pressure/incentive; (b) rationalization; (c) capability and (d) opportunity. The first three, a, b and c are within the fraudsters control. The company can only address (d) by strengthening controls. What if there is collusion? Will your controls work?

That is why the financial resilience and integrity training requires huge focus. This is an in-house training conducted to internal company staff. If you are an MTN staff, click here to access this course for free. Use your MTN email you registered on attendence.


Way of the Guerrilla marketing is a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. You want to achieve the conventional goals of high sales, on a shoe string budget. You need to become a guerrilla. 


The Way of The Guerrilla Marketing Course will help you and your sales people pick up all the sales and profits most insurance sales agents or brokers and salespeople leave on the table.

a)      Are you happy with your current sales?

b)      Do you sometimes think your conversion rates are lower than your leads?

c)       Are your staff giving you more excuses for low lead conversion rates?

d)      Are you optimizing the power of the Internet to make more sales?

e)      Are your sales people incessantly calling/ emailing prospects and inconveniencing them instead of being called back to close the sale?


This practical course will expose you to 100 way of the guerrilla marketing weapons and how to execute them for maximum sales. This is a course for everyone. Learn how to market your products and services. And yourself! Succeed.